Chemical testing and analysis for winemaking.

Hone makes it easy to test the chemical properties of wine in real time.

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Hone Lab

Test wine using the latest advances in spectroscopy and machine learning. The Hone Lab analyses a 3mL sample of wine and delivers results on acids, sugars, alcohol content, plus more, within minutes.

No Reagents

No Reagents

Delivers results without the use of additional chemicals or enzymes.

Quick Analysis

Quick Analysis

Collects spectral data and delivers results via Hone’s cloud platform within minutes.

Low Volume

Low Volume

Uses only a 3mL sample to deliver results on all testing parameters required.

Our Technology

Next generation spectroscopy works with custom made software to collect spectral data.

Cloud-based machine learning platform converts spectral data into actionable testing results.

Real-time results delivered via the Hone suite of applications.

Working with industry partners

Hone enjoy contributing and being active within the food and commodity processing sectors, working with leading industry bodies and nationally-accredited research laboratories.

Formerly known as Rapid Phenotyping, Hone won the 2018 WISA Impact Award for their vision of testing solutions for the wine industry that has now come to fruition with the Hone platform.

Knowledge Now

The Hone Group delivers solutions in spectroscopy for a range of applications. Hone Ag provides handheld devices for monitoring nutrients in soil, plant tissue, and commodities. Hone Carbon enables in-field soil testing for carbon sequestration. Hone Create offers Hone's machine learning platform to other organisations seeking to build their own chemometric models. The Hone Group takes pleasure in forming relationships with business and research partners.

About Us

Hone was established in 2015 to overcome the limitations in food and commodity production. The team works with machine learning and the latest advances in spectroscopy to provide quick and accurate testing solutions.

Based in the Hunter region of NSW, Hone was founded on the principle of making difficult and time-consuming tasks simple and easy. Hone deliver rapid testing solutions to enable quick decision making, improving quality and efficiency.

More about the Hone Team

Hone Liquid has been recognised as a leading innovator, delivering industry solutions beneficial to Australia and the state of New South Wales. Hone enjoys support from the state government to aid research and development with Hone Lab.

The Physical Sciences Fund (PSF) is a NSW Government competitive development and commercialisation program run by the Office of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer. The PSF aims to deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits to NSW by providing financial support for the development of new and innovative devices and systems across the branches of the physical sciences and engineering, including physics, chemistry, astronomy and the earth sciences.

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